About Travel Medium

Travel (noun): the activity of going from one place to another, especially over a long distance, in a plane, train, car, etc.,:

Medium (noun): a method of communication or entertainment.

The Cambridge Dictionary

TravelMedium.com is a travel site consisting of a free travel guides library written by experts. Travel Medium helps you as a traveler to find inspiration, practical information, as long as safety and money tips for every destination you want to explore.

Our mission is as simple as it can get: Bringing escapes inspiration to every soul in this world.

What You Will Find on Travel Medium

  • Real travel tips that helped real travelers
  • Free travel guides and resources
  • Recommendations from locals to fully enjoy your trips
  • Detailed costs and expenses breakdown to help you manage your money while on the road
  • Safety guides to help you plan and relax during your vacation
  • And much more

Travel Medium is founded by Firas Bessadok, Ph.D. in Geography & Computer Sciences from the University of Paris XII (Model for assessing and improving the readability of a geographic map: doctoral thesis publication). Firas is an active traveler around the world with his beloved wife, and a street photographer which is his cherished passion.

Meet him in this selfie video around Japan:

Thank you for visiting Travel Medium’s website, we’re glad to have you with us!

Sincerely, Firas & the Travel Medium team